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If you’ve been following me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, then you know I’ve been living true to one of my life goals…

Melanie and I on our 5th Anniversary Dinner Cruise on the River Seine in Paris

Melanie and I on our 5th Anniversary Dinner Cruise on the River Seine in Paris

Learning about the wonderful world we live in! ;)

Last Friday evening – my wife, Melanie, and I returned from 9 wonderful days in Europe.

The first few days we toured in and around Dublin, Ireland, and the last few we were in Paris.

Both were amazing, my favorite though, was the very personable rural pub tour with the amazing Shane and his company, Rural Tours – Irish Country Pub Tours!  

Second favorite – going to the top of the Eiffel Tower!

That being said, it’s important to me to assure I’m living to another life goal and that is helping you in anyway I can.

My plan for June is simple – learn, create and share.

So to start out this month – I love to learn how I can help you, right now, the most?

Whether your question is:

  • a challenge or frustration you’re having in your business or on the Internet,
  • a general ‘life’ issue, or
  • just something you’d like to know about me

I’m happy to help you!

To ask your question, simply post it in the comments section below.

Remember, you can ask me anything (and I mean ANYTHING) and I guarantee I’ll respond!

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Charly :)

PS – If you’re doubting whether you should ask – just do it!

6 Responses to “Ask Me Anything!”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Charly, I’m always learning from you – you’re inspiring! But maybe a lunch sometime to catch up?

  2. charly2 Says:

    Hi Kathleen!

    Aw, thank you so much! I’d love that, I’ll follow up via email to setup a day/time, okay?

    Take care,

  3. David Carter Says:

    Hi Charley,

    I enjoyed meeting you at EA last month. Hope your trip with you wife is wonderful.
    I am new to being an entrepreneur so the learning curve is steep for me. I know my niche market well but as I work on my product launch I do not seem to “trust” my own intuition on what the products should be.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks so much and enjoy your trip. Drink some good French wine for me !

  4. charly2 Says:

    Hi David!

    It’s so great to hear from you, and it was an ABSOLUTE pleasure meeting you at EA last month! ;)

    My best advice is to call existing customers and get feedback from them on how they’d like to hear from you, see you, or experience you. That will start to lay the foundation and priority for how you structure your low, medium and high tier products, along what form those will take (eBook/Book, mid or high tier online course, webinars, membership/continuity).

    If you don’t have any customers for this market yet, I’d spend sometime online asking in related LinkedIn Groups or online forums.

    You have a tremendous opportunity right now to get feedback from people, while adding them to your launch list (similar to Jeff Walker’s teachings at EA!)

    Europe was awesome, as was the French wine!

    Take care, David, and talk to you soon!


  5. Damian Says:

    How do you “frame” a client’s expectations when it comes to SEO? A lot of people seem to think that there are still black hat tricks to win at SEO, but it seems like only white hat tactics work, and on a local level, it feels like small businesses are squeezed out by directory sites. How do you break it to a client that they really need to narrow their scope, and realize their “projected audience” might not be as big as they think it is (i.e. the population of Cairo)?

  6. charly2 Says:

    Wow, Damian! Great question!

    First, it’s important to narrow down – out of everything they offer (services/solutions/products) what are the 20% that are most fulfilling, most desirable and most profitable — and then treat each of them as their own project.

    This could be 2 products they sell out of 10 total, or 1 service out of 5 total.

    Second, it’s ultra important to understand that SEO is only part of the bigger puzzle — you have to create content that educates/adds value and truly helps existing customers, as they’re generally your easiest sales conversion.

    I help them frame SEO by educating on aligning content with the learners, shoppers and buyers, and treating each type of customer as who they are (example: learners typically aren’t looking to buy, they’re looking for answers to challenges/frustrations/symptoms).

    Finally, I like to frame expectations by helping them understand the law of 3′s as I call it.

    There are three things we aim for online: 1) Awareness, 2) Leads, and 3) Sales, and three was we reach out online: 1) SEO, 2) Educating/Updating Existing Customers, and 3) Online Participation.

    True SEO is great at converting #1 (Awareness) and in many cases #2 (Leads) online (if it’s written using best practice).

    However, with all of the people I’ve worked with over the years, converting sales online is all about adding continual value (strategically) to those that have given permission to follow up with them — watch my Baseline Drives for Online Success video at: and study the VVVS sequence for a clear idea of that.

    I hope this helps, at least a little bit! ;)


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