What is Google PageRank & Why Does It Matter?

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So many people wonder why their web site doesn’t show up in Google’s natural search results…

…either at all, or, on the first few pages of results.

At ISG, we hear all kinds of people reach out for help by saying things like:

“My web site isn’t showing up in Google!”

“I’ve spent a lot of time optimizing my web site for the keyword phrases I’m hoping to attract, but I’m still not showing up in the results!”


“I’ve hired a company to do SEO (that’s Search Engine Optimization) for my web site, and I’m showing up for my company name, but not the services, or products, I offer!”

Google has a ranking system they use for determining the popularity of web sites (and therefore where the sites show up in their search results), and it’s called PageRank.

It starts at 0 (the lowest score), and ends at 10 (the highest, best score).

What are some example PageRanks of web sites?

International Web Sites/Brands:

  • Google.com – a 10 (of course!),
  • CNN.com & Facebook.com – 10′s,
  • Apple.com – 9,
  • Microsoft.com – 9,
  • Pepsi.com – 7,

National Web Sites/Brands:

  • Frito-Lay – 6,
  • Kleenex.com – 5,
  • Keurig.com (Coffee Maker) – 5,

Regional/Local Web Sites:

Google’s PageRank helps determine where your search results are positioned in their organic, or natural, search results.

For example, if a competitor and you are optimized for the same keyword phrases, and they show up above you in the search results, it’s usually because they have a higher PageRank.

What’s the easiest way to tell Google what keyword phrases I’m hoping to attract?

As you can imagine, it’s first, really important to assure your web site speaks clearly about the keyword phrases you’re hoping to attract, and secondly, that your PageRank continues to grow (or maintain it’s position if it’s a good rank).

The easiest way to speak clearly about the phrases you’re looking to attract is in the “title” of your web site (the part that shows up above the web address in your Web Browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox).

In my presentations & workshops, I talk about the “4 for 1″ method of optimization to be extremely clear to Google (and the other search engines) – however, I’ll save that for another blog post – at the bare minimum, though, your title tells Google what you’re looking to attract.

HINT: Keep in mind, Google only sees the first 80 characters of your title, so assure the most important phrases are on the left!

What’s a good PageRank for my web site?

For most local, or regional businesses, they usually rank anywhere from a PageRank of 0 to 3 (unless they’re part of a web-savvy national franchise).  If they actively work to build rank, they can reach a 5.

Keep in mind, for most local, or regional business, a PageRank of 6 and above is generally unobtainable because it requires hundreds, if not, thousands of relevant, popular inbound links, along with hundreds of pages of content.

I’ve seen exceptions, but that’s the general rule.

A good PageRank for your site is equal to, or one above, your highest ranking competitor.

If you’re looking for a strategy to grow your rank, just let me know, I’ll send you some no-cost ways to get started.

How do I build PageRank?

There are many ways, but the seemingly two most important are:

1) Continually add new content to your web site (think a page every 2 to 3 weeks – if you’re looking for strategies that “work smart, not hard”, contact me, I’m happy to share our tested & measured results with you.)

2) Most importantly, continually add relevant, popular (measured by their PageRank), inbound links.

The easiest way to start is by creating profiles online and linking to your web site in them on GetListed.org, LinkedIn.com, Twitter.com and by creating a Facebook Business Page.

How do I check my PageRank?

The easiest way is to use an online PageRank Checker, here’s a couple:

  1. Google PageRank Checker
  2. PR Checker

If you use the web browser, Firefox, there’s an excellent plug-in called SearchStatus that you can add, and it will show PageRank for whatever site you’re on in the lower right part of the browser window.

When is PageRank recalculated?

Think of your PageRank as a report card, it continues to grow if you’re doing the right things – however, the actual rank is only updated every 3 months.

With the hundreds of web sites we monitor we’ve found it to be January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1.

Does my entire web site have a PageRank – how does that work?


Every page within your web site has its own PageRank.

Generally, your home page has the highest PageRank because that’s the one that’s linked to, most frequently, from other places on the Web.

This is why it’s incredibly important to think along the lines of “one topic (i.e. keyword phrase) per web page”, and build rank for the individual pages that you’re looking to attract people to within your web site by linking to them directly from other places on the Web.

Whoa, this is super informative, but I’m confused, how can I get some help with this?

That’s easy – just contact me, or give me a call directly at (239) 822-2314 – and we’ll work together on assuring you’re doing the right things, in the right places, and at the right frequency.

Also, we offer one-on-one consulting, presentations and workshops to help you understand what I like to call “The Fundamentals of Online Success” and then develop an actionable plan tied around your core goal.

If you’re like most, your core goal is to create leads from your web site.

If you’re looking to learn how to create Internet Campaigns that build PageRank both easily and efficiently, be sure to get your notepad and enjoy my free educational video on the “Baseline Drives of Online Success“.

I hope you’ve found this informative, and helpful!

Here’s to your success online, and offline! :)


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  2. Jason Evers Says:

    As always great info! I really appreciate all you have done for me and my business, I’m amazed by the success I’ve had by implementing the tips you taught me.

    Thanks again you ROCK!

  3. William Waites Says:

    Good stuff.
    A couple of other ways to raise page rank by increasing the apparent popularity of your site. SEO press releases and good anchor text content.

  4. charly2 Says:

    You’re exactly right Bill, in my presentations I talk about the secret we discovered in regard to how much relevance Google gives to “news” (specifically News, or Press, Release) based content, both in your web site & off-site. ;)

  5. Don - Industrial Skills Training Says:

    Good advice Charly. As this post will be read by newbie’s mostly, let me give them another piece of simple advice. Your Google rank is relevant to the competition. When hiring someone to help you out with SEO, look at that person’s home page. If they cannot get a PR 4 or better on their home page, the odds are they cannot get that rank for you either. Charly’s site ISGFL.com is a PR 5 in the highly competitive market of SEO services. That means he really does know his stuff.

    I laugh at those websites stating they can build links or optimize your site, and yet they couldn’t do it for their own site with their PR zero, PR1 or PR2 home pages. :>)

  6. charly2 Says:

    Thanks, Don! That’s exactly right about competitive PageRank determining where goals need to be set, too! Thanks for the compliment, too.

    You’re exactly right – last week I had a link-building company ask me to link to them and they’d do the same – they had no PR. ;)

  7. Brad Larson Says:

    If people listen to Charly and do what he says, it works! Our site http://www.LarsonEd.com just recently moved to a PR4…our closest competition is a 2. Not only are we showing up in one of the top 3 listings organically for all of Southwest Florida for every service we provide, but we are now making our presence known across all of Florida and beyond. Thanks for your help Charly!

  8. Jason Szumlanski Says:

    Challenge! It’s on! I want that Pagerank 5 for http://FafcoSolar.com

  9. charly2 Says:

    You go ma man! ;) I know you can do it!

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