Internet Marketing rocks! I’m grateful and want you to know it!

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I am SO grateful – and I want you to know it!

As I’ve been reviewing how we’re helping our customers help their customers improve lives (and grow business, too!) with my amazing team of Marketing Directors at ISG

I just can’t believe how fortunate we are to work with such great people!

Here’s just a few of things we’ve been up recently, and how cool what we do really is (we love how we help with what we do!):

Winged Foot Title

Many times, part of our responsibilities are helping maintain a branded look that we’ve created online — in the offline world, too.

That was the case when we created Winged Foot Title’s backdrop which was used at a recent tradeshow.   Here’s the Winged Foot team dressed as the Flintstones and the Jetsons for that show! :)

The Flintstones and The Jetsons

Isn’t that great!  I love fun themes incorporated with business! ;)

Chris, and his team, create very helpful educational content with us, and their most recent eBook is For Sale By Owner – 10 Tips for Selling Your Real Estate.   If you think that might help you – AT ALL – be sure to check it out.

Larue Pest Control

If you’ve been to our Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC home page – you’ve probably noticed we feature the ever amazing Keith, and his business, Larue Pest Control, as a great example of having a healthy online presence.

Larue Pest Control - A Healthy Online Presence

Just recently, they were approved into the bedbugFREE network!

Keith and I talked a while ago about the resurgence of bed bugs (just the thought makes me itch!) in Florida.  As part of Larue’s goal of assuring they help the world understand how to find them (especially when you’re checking into a hotel room!) — we worked with Keith and his team to create the Bed Bug Treatment and Prevention – 12 Tips to Help You Sleep Easy eBook…

ONE BED BUG HINT – Be sure to check under the fitted sheet for any ‘black spots’ in a hotel room BEFORE moving your luggage in (those pesky bugs can jump on your luggage and go home with you…)

Rosedale Brick Oven Pizza

Naples Pizza and Coral Springs Pizza

We are SO proud of Joe & Joe at Rosedale Brick Oven Pizzeria – after helping them kick off their original Naples, Florida location a couple of years ago, as of September 23, they opened up a brand new location in Coral Springs, Florida too!

Pool Pros, Inc.

Our good friend, Joe Mitchell, who we call the amazing outdoor lifestyle creator really help the people he, and his wonderful team, serve to “live the Florida dream”!

Pool Construction, Pool Repair - Fort Myers, Naples, Estero, Cape Coral

If you’re looking for ideas to revamp or revitalize your outdoor living area, be sure to check out the 12 Ways to Revitalize Your Outdoor Living Area eBook which is filled with great ideas!

Moving to Florida, from Michigan, over 10 years ago now — I still love the idea of chilling outside, IN MY SHORTS, in winter… :)

A special thanks to Joe and his team at Pool Pros for continuing to make that an amazing experience!

West Coast Florida Enterprises, Inc.

Our good friend, Scott, and his team at West Coast Florida Enterprises has not only been helping keep the roofs of Southwest Florida residents from leaking for years now – but they help in so many other ways as well!

If you follow West Coast Florida Enterprises on Facebook, you’ll enjoy some of the best views of Southwest Florida — from the roofs of the highest buildings…

West Coast Florida Enterprises - Reroofing and more

West Coast is a one stop shop for all of your contractor needs when it comes to:

  • REroof your building
  • REstore decks, walls, and expansion joints
  • REmove and REplace pavers, railings, sidewalks, and exterior stairs
  • REpair concrete slabs, stem walls, sea walls, plaza decks, and more

Be sure to check out their “8 RE’s of Florida Contractors” eBook to learn more!

As I mentioned, we’re so blessed!  Thanks for letting me share – have a great day, and take care,


10 Point Internet Checklist and More Online Resources For Your Success

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Hey there!

I hope you’re having a wonderful day, I sure am! :)

As I sit here and create this lovely blog post, I can’t help be think of all of the wonderful people, businesses and organizations we’ve helped over the last dozen years at ISG.

We feel extremely blessed that we’ve truly been able to make differences with so many businesses, organizations and even individuals (one of our most recent is Gina with Stress Less or Bust - SHE ROCKS!)

As you may know by now, in January of 2013 we became a full service Internet Marketing company.

We continue to support all of the web design and development work we’ve created over the years – however, as you probably know, creating success online today, is much more than just having a website.

Last week, I created a 10 Point Internet Checklist to assure you’re on the right track for a prosperous 2014.  You can get it on the right and see how you’re doing, right now, if you’d like.

10 Point Internet Checklist

In it, I’ve also included great online resources that can help you if you weren’t able to check all of the boxes ( is awesome for assuring you’re website is compatible with the ever growing mobile market – now averaging 40% of web visitors for the hundreds of websites we host!)

Wondering why the 10 Point Internet Checklist is branded with “Internet Success Academy”?

Almost 2 years ago, I created a new company called the “Life & Business Success Group, Inc.” where I create resources (videos, workbooks, etc) that teach Internet, Business and Life mastery.

As you’ll see, each area of mastery has its own brand, for Internet mastery, my brand is called “Charly Caldwell II’s Internet Success Academy” (you can learn more about it at:

Today, my amazing team at Internet Services Group fulfills all of my Internet mastery training for the people, businesses, and organizations that don’t want to do the work BUT know it needs to be done.

With that all being said, we’re gearing up for a wonderful 2014, and I hope my 10 Point Internet Checklist provides clarity of why, how and what needs to be done to create, build and maintain relationships with both your potential and your existing audiences.

Enjoy, and take care!


Mushroom Popcorn, Popping Sorghum and Flavacol Popcorn Seasoning – Pure deliciousness!

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“Dad, let’s watch a movie tonight!”


(Daddy, Paige and Josie with Josie playing the ‘serious’ role!)

Inevitably, a few minutes later, I hear…

“You’re going to make popcorn too, right?”

and I answer (as if there was ever any doubt!):

“Of course, my ladies!”

The last time we had that dialog, I couldn’t help but think of how my view of popcorn has changed ever since meeting Buck & Jennie, the popcorn experts at


One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned by talking with them is what quality popcorn is, exactly, from taste, texture, size and even how it pops.  (They have a great eBook, Six Tips Every Popcorn Snacker Should Know, that helps you understand these types of things too!)

To me, it’s important that popcorn looks and tastes awesome — which is one of the reasons why people, along with my girls and I, love Buck & Jennie’s Mushroom Popcorn (the photo above is an example Mushroom Popcorn, it doesn’t taste like mushrooms – it looks like a mushroom!)

Another lesson I’ve learned is all about a popcorn alternative called popping sorghum.  Essentially, popped sorghum is a gluten-free grain, and when popped it’s completely hullless (and tastes great too!)

Keep in mind, the popping sorghum seeds are much smaller than standard popcorn kernels.

Once I’ve asked Buck how to really bring out the dimension of flavor that I experience in fresh, movie theater style popcorn — his recommendation (and one of his most popular items) — Flavacol Popcorn Seasoning.

The reason?

Most movie theater popcorn gets its unique flavor and color from being popped in coconut oil and flavored with Flavacol butter flavored popcorn salt!  You can recreate the taste, without popping in coconut oil, even, with this popcorn seasoning.

I hope you create wonderful memories watching great movies with your friends and family, and if you do it at home — recreate the movie popcorn experience with JustPoppin!



PS – What’s your favorite family movie?  Comment below to let me know. :)

We recently watched the original Wizard of Oz, and absolutely loved it (it’s on our rewatch list!)

Internet Marketing Strategy – Mindset, Tactics and Building a Campaign!

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I hope you’re having a great summer so far – I sure have been…

Internet Marketing Strategy - Mastermind

Last week, I held a private 3 day Internet Marketing mastermind on beautiful Sanibel Island with my good friends, Gary & Matt from Missouri!  THAT was awesome!

Recently, I also answered a question via email that talks about Internet Marketing Strategy – Mindset, Tactics and Building a Campaign, and I thought you might enjoy my response it, too.

The question was:

“I am a startup with limited income, but really want to know how to create an online foundation using ‘best practice’ on a limited budget.  Can you help?”

And my reply:

Hey there!

I sure can!

First of all, I’ve created three free online educational videos that are very abundant in helping you not only create online success using best practice, but do it the easy way…

My videos are designed to review mindset, show you tactically what to do, and then do what the ‘big brands do’ (like Banana Republic, etc) and that’s build a campaign.

For example, the first of my three marketing educational videos – the Baseline Drives for Online Success video - I review:

  • Your complete mindset for success today – feel great about your online presence while growing your business!
  • Whether you need to consider having a blog, email marketing, business listings, social media and even a website!
  • Exactly what you need to do in each, and how to make it real by using the included 12 Month Campaign Builder Worksheet.

Then in the second video – the Forward Drives (you’ll automatically receive a link to this after watching the first video) – I show you how to amplify the Baseline work, with mindset, identification of issues/objections, and the solution for each drive.

In the final video – Your Success Roadmap + 10 FAQs (you’ll automatically receive a link to this after watching the second video) – I address bringing everything I’ve taught in the previous two videos together and answer the 10 most frequently asked questions (providing specific solutions, if applicable).

In the frequently asked questions, I answer very specifically:

  • “How do I continue add value?”
  • “What’s the easiest way to create content?”
  • “Is there a best practice format to use when creating content?”
  • “How do I SEO or align my pages with how people search?”
  • “How do I hire an SEO specialist or company?”
  • “How do I rank my pages or get them to show up higher in the search results?”
  • “How do I assure I’m mobile friendly – is it important?”
  • “Are videos important today?”
  • “How do I compete with Internet pricing?”

If, at any point, in the future you’d like my help with implementing your Internet Marketing Strategy, my team at Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC, will rock it out for you! ;)

Be sure to watch the first Internet Marketing video (and get your notes out, it’s awesomely loaded with great content).

I hope this helps — let me know if you need more clarification, okay?

Thanks so much,


Ask Me Anything!

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If you’ve been following me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, then you know I’ve been living true to one of my life goals…

Melanie and I on our 5th Anniversary Dinner Cruise on the River Seine in Paris

Melanie and I on our 5th Anniversary Dinner Cruise on the River Seine in Paris

Learning about the wonderful world we live in! ;)

Last Friday evening – my wife, Melanie, and I returned from 9 wonderful days in Europe.

The first few days we toured in and around Dublin, Ireland, and the last few we were in Paris.

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A Lesson in SEO, Search Engine Rank and more…

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In an average week, I answer at least 6 emails around the subjects of “Search Engine Optimization” (or SEO), search engine rank, or people just wondering why…

Billboard in the Desert - Internet Marketing, SEO, Search Engine Ranking

…they have a figurative ‘billboard in the desert’ when it comes to their website being seen by people.

So many people struggle with the fact that they’ve done the work, have the website, it’s out there and READY for their audience…

But then reality hits — hardly anyone sees or visits and they get really sad. :(

Those who do visit, generally aren’t the right people (i.e. the true audience), either…

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Free Online Photo Editors – Great Marketing Tools

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So many people want to learn how to add words to photos, and enhance photos they’ve taken…

Advanced Link Building Techniques

…but they don’t want to have to learn a hefty photo editing program like Adobe Photoshop.

What’s great about enhancing photos you’ve taken is that, from an Internet Marketing perspective, when you post a photo in say Pinterest, you get very powerful “links” back to your website, or blog, which help them rank higher in the search engines (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo).

Here’s three great free online photo editors — which as I’ve mentioned are great marketing tools, too!

  3. Adobe Photoshop Express ONLINE

Do you have any other tools you recommend?  Please comment below!

Thank you so much, and have a great day,


Southwest Florida Business – Licensed, Insured Businesses You Can Trust!

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As you may know, we’re a proud member of the Quality Service Professionals (or QSPROS as it’s called!) here in Southwest Florida.

Quality Service Pros - Southwest FLorida Business Directory

The QSPROS offers a Southwest Florida Business Directory of licensed, insured businesses who really put the ‘relationship’ first when helping people.   Each member is checked to assure they have:

  • proper licensing,
  • necessary, up-to-date, active insurance,
  • quality service & workmanship,
  • excellent ratings and
  • great customer feedback.

One of the biggest perks of being a member in the QSPROS has got to be the consistent “Pay It Forward” attitude displayed by QSPRO owner, Jason Evers, and many of its members.

Just last month, we collectively worked to stuff 1,000 stockings for kids:

Some of the services provided by the QSPROS members are:

If you’re looking for Quality Professionals in the Southwest Florida area, be sure to give Quality Service Pros a try!


Stress Less or BUST – Transform Yourself with Tips, Tactics, Inspiration, Gifts and more!

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You know, one the best benefits about my work is that I meet people who…

How Do I Reduce Stress - Ways to Release Stress

…have a really great message, and want to use the power of the Internet to help others!

In 2012 (and now, in 2013), I’ve been working with Gina Molitor who has quite a life story that she tells, very vibrantly, in her soon-to-be-released book “Solid Wax”.

Solid Wax is a warm father, daughter story wrapped around a what-to-expect handbook for family members involved with the care of a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

Over the last few months, though, we’ve been working together on her new website that offers:

  • Stress Solutions including education, insights, and coping skills, in the form of eBooks, worksheets, flow-charts, and more!
  • Stress Diversions including tangible products, humor and feel good “stuff”.  Gina has her own Amazon Astore, and Zazzle clothing store featuring her very own creations, which can both be accessed from her website.

The most important of her productions, in my opinion, as of right now, is the The Top 6 Things You Should Ask Yourself to Stress Less – eBook, which helps anyone take a nice deep look under the hood, figuratively speaking, of course, to see what’s keeping you stressed!

If you’re curious to know what it’s about, you can get your free sample, the Reality Checklist, right now.

Gina also offers the first chapter of her soon-to-be-released book, Solid Wax.  I found the very first few pages to be extremely hilarious (so much so I was in tears from laughing so hard!)

Within the Stress Less or Bust website, Gina has different channels of therapy, they are:

Each catering to their respective audience.

Finally, she’s developed a great Facebook Page

Stress Less or Bust - Facebook Page

…that’s dedicated to truly helping people transform themselves with helpful information, links, and comments!

If you have a few moments, be sure to check out Stress Less or Bust on the web or on Facebook!  Let us know what you think, too!

Here’s to rocking it out in 2013 – stress free (well, almost!)


Portland’s Nicest Window Cleaners – Great work! ;)

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Earlier this year, in one of my presentations in New Orleans, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Portland’s Nicest Window Cleaners!

Portand Window Cleaning and Washing - ViewRenew

Finding a quality window cleaner that you can trust, shows up when they say they will, AND takes care of you in the best possible way – can be tough, really tough!

Portland’s Nicest Window Cleaners, specialize in:

Be sure to watch their YouTube video, “Portland’s Nicest Window Cleaners“, where you’ll learn about some of their truly great uniquenesses, including:

  • The “Grandma Rule”!
  • The $10,000 Nicest or Nothing Guarantee, and
  • Their Chief Nicest Officer.

How cool!



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